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If you are missing one or more of your teeth, you may not be as comfortable with your smile. You might even find every day tasks, like talking or eating, to be a challenge. If this sounds familiar, we may be able to help you with a partial denture restoration.

It can be important to your dental health to replace to replace a missing tooth as quickly as possible. Your remaining teeth can begin to shift and move into the space that has been vacated, which can throw the alignment of your other teeth off and may cause other dental problems. A partial denture can keep those teeth in place by filling in that space and completing your smile. It rests on a metal framework and can attach to your natural neighboring teeth. They can serve as a removeable alternative to a bridge restoration.

You might find that they feel awkward for the first little while, and it might take a little practice to eat and speak comfortably while your muscles get used to them. To help with this, you could practice singing aloud to your favorite songs, talking with a friend, and eating small bite-sized pieces of soft foods.

Your partial dentures may need to be cared for in a slightly different manner than you are used to. While you should still brush them, you should be sure to do so over a sink full of water or a folded towel in case you accidentally drop them. Doing so could cause them to break, chip or crack. You should also brush your gums, palate and tongue every morning. Your prosthetic teeth also need to be kept in a soaking solution or in water when you aren’t using them. If they dry out, they could warp. If your dentures ever do become damaged, you should see Dr. Mark DeWitt immediately without trying to fix them yourself, as this could damage them beyond repair.

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