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If your missing teeth are preventing you from feeling self-assured when you smile, take heart, there is help! If your confidence is currently suffering because you are missing teeth, our dental team can help you bring back your smile.

By using dental implants, Dr. Mark DeWitt in Lansing, Michigan, can effectively restore the full function and appearance of your smile. Dental implants not only restore the part of the tooth which is visible but the tooth root as well. Why is this important? When a tooth goes missing, it’s not just the visible part of the tooth that is gone, but the tooth root as well, and the root is what anchors your tooth to the jawbone to provide a sturdy foundation.

So what do dental implants do? Dental implants effectively replace the tooth root so that a tooth (crown, bridge, etc.) can be securely anchored to the implant. Whether you need to restore one tooth or several, dental implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth.

Implants also mimic your natural teeth in form and function when they are surgically implanted into the jawbone. As the site heals, the implant fuses to the bone. This provides a strong foundation for the crown, bridge, or denture to come. If you would like to know what your implant will look like, imagine the following:

–First, the implant itself is a post which is either cylindrical or tapered constructed from titanium. This implant’s role in this restoration is to act as the tooth root.

— Next is the abutment, which is a connector that is attached to the top of the implant that allows it to connect to the new teeth or tooth.

— Finally, this is the part which is visible–the crown will be placed.

When your implant site is fully healed, you can smile, speak, laugh and eat with confidence again. No worries whether the restoration will stand out or that it will move around in your mouth. It’s like having natural teeth again when it comes to both form and function.

At Mark L. DeWitt DDS in Lansing, Michigan, we are always ready to help you bring back your healthy, confident smile. If you would like to schedule a consultation with our dentist, we invite you to call 517-323-7926 today. We look forward to bringing back your smile!