Smiling Can Help Your Holidays Be Merry & Bright

The holiday season may bring you excitement, stress, or a strange combination of these emotions. Everyone has that one relative—you know, the one that can make family gatherings awkward, uncomfortable, or even stressful at times. Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it til you make it”? It may come as a surprise, but with… Read more »

Three Tooth-Friendly Habits for a Lifelong Smile

Avoiding the development of dental issues can maintain the strength and health of your smile up to a lifetime. Taking proper care of your smile on a daily basis can make this happen. We encourage you to practice the following three habits consistently to help you keep your smile for a lifetime. First, daily oral… Read more »

The Dangers of Gum Disease

Chances are that you already know that gum disease can lead to bad breath and loose teeth. Maybe you even knew that gum disease can cause problems with your jaw. But did you know that gum disease, if left untreated can cause serious problems in other parts of your body? For example, if you live… Read more »

Rescuing a Tooth with a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are extradorinarily useful. They can be used to anchor a bridge to replace lost teeth in your smile. Crowns can also be used to cover chipped, cracked or discolored teeth or a tooth that has be damaged by decay. Additionally, a crown is useful for holding a tooth together that has a cavity… Read more »

What Is Causing Your Enamel Erosion?

If enamel erosion is affecting your smile, you are not alone. Although tooth enamel is the strongest material in your body, it can still be affected by acid levels in the mouth. This is important because left untreated, enamel erosion can allow bacteria and plaque to penetrate through small holes in the enamel, affecting the… Read more »

Ways to Become a Tooth-Brushing Master

You may have heard this, but it’s worth saying again here: brushing your teeth is the most powerful method to improve your dental health and thwart the advance of dental erosion and sickness. For the greatest results, it’s important to practice the best technique when tooth-brushing. The following are a few pieces of advice to… Read more »

The Meaning of Tongue Discoloration

Is your tongue looking a little strange lately? It may mean more than you might think. A white tongue may be a symptom of a condition known as leukoplakia. While leukoplakia itself dangerous, it can be a side-effect of cancer in its early stages. The cause is likely the use of tobacco products. A white tongue… Read more »

Things to Do to Prepare for Your Next Checkup

There are things you can do to help make your routine dental checkups more useful for you. Today, Dr. and our team are pleased to share some tips with you to make the most out of your next dental appointment with our dental practice. Tip #1 Make a list: Take a moment to write down any oral… Read more »

A Tooth with a Missing Filling Needs Timely Dental Care to Prevent Further Complications

Dental fillings are typically cemented into place or hardened by an ultraviolet light to secure their bond with the surrounding tooth enamel. If you are inconsistent with your daily brushing and flossing the bacteria living in your mouth could start to weaken the dental filling’s connection. If one of your dental fillings falls out, you… Read more »

Your New Partial Denture Needs to Be Included in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Practices

Even though your partial denture will not be susceptible to bacterial tooth decay, it will still need to be included in your daily oral hygiene routine. This will help extend the life of the removable dental appliance while also maintaining healthy gums and the health of the surrounding teeth.   Many people with a partial… Read more »