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There are things you can do to help make your routine dental checkups more useful for you. Today, Dr. Mark DeWitt and our team are pleased to share some tips with you to make the most out of your next dental appointment with our dental practice.

Tip #1 Make a list: Take a moment to write down any oral health concerns you may have so you don’t forget them when you are in the office. If we are aware of anything that may be going on with your smile, we can evaluate them and make sure nothing is overlooked. Some of the things you may want to alert us to include the following:

— Issues with tooth sensitivity.

— Teeth grinding while you sleep, or waking up with a sore jaw.

— Bleeding when you brush or floss your teeth.

— Any sores in your mouth, even if they aren’t painful.

— Any pain in a tooth or in your gums.

Tip #2 Medical history: If you have developed any new medical conditions since your last appointment, please let us know. This information should include any medications you have begun taking for them. Changes in your medical history might include pregnancy, if you have developed dry mouth, been diagnosed with diabetes, etc. Also, include any new supplements you have begun taking regularly. This information will help us give you the best care possible.

Tip #3 Oral care concerns: We are eager to help you with any of your oral care concerns. If you have questions on proper brushing and flossing techniques, we are happy to review them with you. Our goal is for you to maintain your healthy smile in between visits to the best of your ability. We can also give you recommendations for oral care products to ensure that your at-home oral hygiene is effective.

If you would like to know more or wish to schedule your next appointment with our dentist in Lansing, Michigan, please give us a call at 517-323-7926. We look are happy to help you protect your healthy smile all year round!