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Even though your partial denture will not be susceptible to bacterial tooth decay, it will still need to be included in your daily oral hygiene routine. This will help extend the life of the removable dental appliance while also maintaining healthy gums and the health of the surrounding teeth.  

Many people with a partial denture like to apply a little denture adhesive for added hold and its ability to block out stray food particles. However, the denture adhesive will also need a few minor cleaning considerations. Should a few food particles get stuck in the space between the partial and your gums, you should thoroughly rinse the unit and reapply fresh adhesive.

It’s also very important for you to rinse the partial when you take it out at the end of the day. This will serve to remove residual denture adhesive and provide a smooth surface when you reapply a fresh bead the next morning.

You should then brush the partial denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a brand of denture polish that’s been approved by the American Dental Association. You can then store your partial denture overnight by soaking it in water or storing it in the case provided. Just be sure to tuck it away in a safe place.

With your partial denture thoroughly cleaned, you can then continue on with the brushing and flossing of your daily oral hygiene routine.

If you have questions about how to properly care and clean your new partial, you can always call 517-323-7926 to speak to Dr. Mark DeWitt or one of the other specialists at Mark L. DeWitt DDS.