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Dental crown restorations performed at our dental office typically has two distinction phases of treatment. During your first appointment, Dr. Mark DeWitt will remove the enamel layer of the tooth. This leaves behind a dentin pillar that is called an abutment that will eventually anchor the new crown in your mouth.

Our team will then create an impression to guide our professional dental lab technicians in creating your new crown. In the interim, your dentist will protect the abutment with a hard, plastic cap that is called a temporary crown.

As you go about your day, you need to remember that a temporary crown is not as functional as a new crown. You should try to avoid chewing gum or eating sticking or hard foods on that side of your mouth. This could potentially pull the crown loose or it could damage the hard, plastic cap.

If your temporary crown is in any distress, you should not delay in contacting Mark L. DeWitt DDS. We can help assess the problem or we can call you in for an examination to determine and remedy the problem.

If your temporary crown comes out, you shouldn’t attempt to brush or clean it or the abutment. This could potentially damage the sensitive dentin. Any necessary cleaning procedures should be left to the professional tools and techniques used by Dr. Mark DeWitt.

If you have a problem with your temporary crown in Lansing, Michigan, you should not delay in calling 517-323-7926 to seek professional care.