When you visit the office of Mark L. DeWitt DDS, our dentist and team will strive to provide you with the treatments you need to achieve excellent oral health. We offer a variety of high-quality preventive and restorative procedures that can be tailored to meet individual needs. However, when patients require extensive or specialized treatment, Dr. Mark DeWitt may make a referral to a specialist or another dental professional.

We are fortunate to practice dentistry in an area that is rich with excellent specialists and healthcare providers. Dr. Mark DeWitt can help you choose from among the many dental specialists in Lansing, Michigan, if you need a tooth extraction, root canal treatment, or complete dentures. Our mission is to help you receive the best care available, whether it is in our office or through a professional referral. Please speak to our dentist if you have personal preferences or concerns.

If you are suffering from dental infection, tooth loss, or damaged teeth, we encourage you to contact our office immediately at 517-323-7926. Dr. Mark DeWitt will evaluate your condition and determine whether you need specialized care. You are welcome to call or visit us today for more information about patient referrals or our dental care.