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Did you know that you should visit your dentist twice a year? Would you be surprised to hear that these two appointments are actually very important, or to learn that skipping either of these appointments could lead to serious consequences?

As you may know, an important part of these appointments is cleaning your pearly whites thoroughly. You see, our team will be able to clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can at home. Still, we’ll do more than just clean your teeth. During these appointments, we’ll also examine your teeth for issues that could become more serious.

One problem we’ll look for is gum disease. Sadly, many people have gum disease but don’t know it. You see, the symptoms of gum disease can be hard to recognize, but our team is trained to do so. During your appointment, we’ll also inspect your mouth for signs of oral cancer. These symptoms may include a discolored part of your mouth or a lump.

We’ll also inspect your teeth for signs of decay. You see, many people have this issue without recognizing it. Sadly, this problem can actually become much more serious if you don’t deal with it. This is a problem because tooth decay can actually lead to problems that will require root canal therapy or tooth extractions. Sadly, if you don’t prevent these problems, your teeth could ultimately die.

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