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Do you practice effective oral health care with your smile on a daily basis? Did you know that as a teen you are most at risk for numerous ailments because of peer pressure and the willingness to do things that are hazardous to your health? It’s true, so it’s important to avoid all risks that can easily damage your smile in seconds. Furthermore, understand that lifestyle choices can severely inhibit your oral health, so it is important to understand which risks should always be avoided. Here are some helpful tips to remember:

– Peer pressure can lead to unhealthy habits in your lifestyle such as chewing tobacco and using drugs. These products are severely damaging to your oral health and can even leave you with tooth loss and cancer.

– Peer pressure can lead to the abundance of mouth jewelry in a person’s smile. This includes lip and tongue rings which can severely hinder your oral health. Avoid mouth jewelry, as it can lead to choking hazards, chipped and cracked teeth, oral inflammation, and infections.

– The last of your adult teeth, the wisdom teeth, grow in as a teen. However, they can often fail to fully grow in or can even lead to malocclusions and spacing issues by not growing in correctly. Exercise caution to avoid additional risks such as tooth decay and infections associated with wisdom teeth eruption.

– Exercise caution when participating in any sports, as they can damage your smile in seconds. Always wear the necessary safety gear whenever possible. This includes mouthguards, safety masks, and helmets.

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