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If you are suffering from a toothache, it means that the nerve endings within the pulp of a tooth have been damaged. Although many of the causes may not be visible to the naked eye, most toothaches come from nerve damage. If you suffer from any of the following, schedule a visit with your damage to be treated for potential toothaches:

– If you have lost a tooth due to a violent shock, infections and toothaches are likely to occur.

– If pain continues after using pain medications, you may have a toothache.

– If you continue to show signs of pain after a full 24 hours following an extraction, a toothache may be to blame, even though the tooth is now removed.

– Facial rashes, high fevers, and chills that are irregular and unexplained can be the result of a toothache.

– Nerve ending damage can be caused by a multitude of sources, including oral accidents, injuries, tooth decay, dental erosion, cavities, among others.

– TMJ disorders can lead to toothaches.

– Irregular facial swelling and fevers can be associated with toothaches.

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