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How would you rank your oral health care in regard to your cleaning habits? Although most individuals make sure they are brushing and flossing each day, you may fail to take into consideration the effects that a poor diet will have on your oral health. Some foods can cause severe dental damage in a variety of ways. Everything from knocking teeth out or causing teeth to become discolored or chipped can arise due to the foods and drinks you are consuming.

It might be beneficial to make a list of all products that need to be avoided.

Are you aware of the risks of acidic sweets on your smile? Acidic products, including foods and drinks, can slowly turn on your tooth enamel and cause dental erosion. Dental erosion is a huge risk to your health due to your dietary selections. In addition, sugars and starches are also known for contributing to dental erosion. This is because plaque buildup in your mouth can convert these substances into harmful acids that will eat through your tooth enamel.

Another common risk factor associated with your dietary selections includes the risk of hard snacks. Various products including corn on the cob or popcorn balls are known to be extremely hard. If you try to bite into them, you may damage your teeth. Even if you are able to eat them in the past, your teeth might have weakened over time, so always exercise caution when biting into any hard products that can potentially lead to tooth chips, cracks or even tooth loss.

If you commit to your oral health care with unhealthy food avoidance, you may see the results in your smile. You are welcome to schedule an appointment with Mark L. DeWitt DDS by calling 517-323-7926. Dr. Mark DeWitt and our team at our dentist office in Lansing, Michigan thanks you for visiting with a smile!