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Tooth injury happens unexpectedly, sometimes with a sudden accident and other times with the slow accrual of stress to the teeth. Often, the damage can be repaired with a simple filling or bonding, but sometimes the damage is too much and other treatment options will be used.

Dental crowns are commonly used to repair moderate damage to teeth. The treatment involves removing the weak enamel of the tooth and securing a cap to take its place made from a strong material such as porcelain to add structure and strength.

Because crowns are a very flexible treatment, they are used to treat many different problems. Whether you have cracked or chipped teeth, teeth that are severely decayed, lost a large filling, have a cosmetically unappealing tooth or need a bridge secured to your teeth, dental crowns will likely be a great solution.

Once you have a dental crown, you need to be sure you clean and maintain it consistently. The crown itself can’t decay, but it can hide decay lower on the tooth if not cared for.

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