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Are you a senior that still has all of your original adult teeth? If so, good for you! Due to the nearly universal use of fluoride in drinking water and dental products, tooth loss has been drastically reduced among the older generation.

Although the prevalence of fluoride has is a huge benefit to our teeth, ensuring that you keep your natural teeth in old age requires decades of active dental care. Apart from brushing and flossing daily, you must be consistent about dental appointments for professional cleanings.

This is important because a dental check-up is more than just checking for cavities. It is a comprehensive oral screening for cancer, gum disease, and other potential problems that are more common as you get older.

Alert your dentist to any potential medical issues you may have such as diabetes, heart disease, and the drugs you may be taking for them so that he knows better what to look for. Understanding These issues will help him to ask the right questions and identify problems.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), more than 30% of Americans avoid the dentist each year. This might be because of anxiousness or out of fear of dental procedures. With modern techniques and sedation, these feelings are unwarranted. Your dentist has the tools to make you feel comfortable for any procedure you may need.

If you’re a senior concerned about pain or anxiety management for dental visits, call Dr. Mark DeWitt for more information. Please contact Mark L. DeWitt DDS to make an appointment at: 517-323-7926, or come by our office in Lansing, Michigan.